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Artist Relations Newsletter - May 22, 2008
Director of Artist Relations :iconMoonbeam13:   &    Assistant Director of Artist Relations :iconfallenrox:
The purpose of Artist Relations is to strengthen the community spirit as well as network with fellow artists so that we may bring outside opportunities to you, and help you to hone your skills. Contact the Gallery Director that best represents your art style and tell them your ideas. Need support for a contest? Advice on your artwork? Tips for how to get involved? Perhaps you have feedback for the administration. Artist Relations is your one stop shop for all of your Artistic needs. Gallery Directors are constantly giving your feedback and suggestions to us in an effort to make deviantART best represent the needs and wants of the community.
:bulletgreen: We're very excited to welcome back MistressWit to the Artist Relations team.  She will be resuming her role as 3D gallery director alongside :devbloo
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 111 46
Tots and Teens: Winners Announced!
At the end of February, batousaijin and ThornyEnglishRose (that's me) launched the Children's Literature Contest. Almost three months, and exactly thirty-nine entries later, we have our winners.
You have a lot of reading to do! We have a total of six winners for you (three first-place winners and three second-place), and as many honourable mentions.
Putting this article together, I notice a theme in the winning entries: growing up. So many classic heroes and heroines of children's literature find things happening to them on the brink of adulthood; their stories, as I'm sure many of you already know, are symbolic of the changes they are going through. For me, our winners demonstrate how well this tireless formula really works.
First Place Winners
In Poetry
:winner: 'Bff' by tricksyriver

This is a sweet, childish poem that becomes increasingly more than a sweet, childish poem every time you read it. I love the imagery, the evocativeness and th
:iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 15 17
The Crafted 'Tim Burton'
A article serie where I will feature different themed Artisan Crafts thumbs. If you got a suggestion for theme, note me!
Tim Burton
..Victor.. by Santani :thumb63331469: Corpse Bride Outfit by Lily-pily Edward by Santani Corpse Bride Cake by pinkcakebox :thumb25700247: Zero - IN CLAY by popcorn-pops Corpse Bride Cigar Purse by Dragonfly-Artistry BeetleJuice by MZamaro Sweeney Todd Cake by ChristyCat :thumb31574292: The Corpse Bride. by aberancy Beetlejuice Costume by brawni Jack Pillow by severedflesh Willy Wonka by DDRzukamori Corpse Bride by pumpkinsbylisa Sweeney Todd by kolczyki :thumb41218432: Mars Attacks Pumpkin by Mister-JP Nightmare Before Christmas 2 by KathleenMaria Corpse Bride Costume 2 by RocktheApocalypse Sweeney Todd by customlpvalley
This article was brought to you by searching for "Tim Burton", "Beetlejuice", "Sweeney Todd", "Nightmare before christmas", "Mars Attacks", "Corpse Bride" and "Willy Wonka" in the Artisan Crafts gallery
Previous themed articles:
:iconmyana:Myana 56 15
Under the Umbrella
That’s me under the battered umbrella, the one with the Technicolor dreamcoat and the hairstyle that’s decidedly undecided. I’m avoiding looking down, I expect, because I’d like to be one of those confident people that smiles and says “Afternoon!” to everyone they pass on the gum-dappled pavements, and not someone that puts all their energy into considering abandoned takeaway packaging and coins glued to the floor by psychology students.
I’m probably thinking about poetry, or one of many arrogant young men that occasionally give me a look that could be mistaken for something meaningful. Maybe I’m just wondering if the rain would sound so much like gunfire if I put the umbrella down. Undoubtedly I’m so focused on my thoughts that I would jump if you said something to me. I’d be embarrassed that I’d jumped, so then I would snap at you, even though you were only trying to be friendly. Possibly I’m thinking about that, although I
:iconchugglepuff:chugglepuff 205 167
deviantART Staff Interview: $realitysquared
Welcome to the very first issue of the
This month we speak with realitysquared

Copyright & Etiquette Administration head, Deviousness Awarded twice, and subscribed till hell freezes over!
:star: As many of you already know, I'm not a professional journalist, neither I pretend my interviews or friendly talks become The Oprah Winfrey Show. =p I've already interviewed some Anthro Artist in the past weeks, because I thought it was useful, interesting, and also many people gave me pretty good feedback about it, because they liked a lot to read them, to learn from other artists' experiences, and receive their wise advices and opinions. After all, deviantART is made for artists, by artists, so why not to place some of them in the spotlight?
However, I also realized the few things we know about DA staff and administrators :confused: Some of us think about them as almighty Gods and are afraid of even sending them a note trying to contact them. Some
:iconskifi:skifi 63 25
Abstract and Surreal Interviews: lewicka
The following is the first of a series of interviews launched for Abstract and Surreal photography week in Project Educate 2008.
lewicka is a diverse photographer and the founder of #Abstractography (chatroom page :devabstractography) on dAmn, a chatroom for abstract photographers to meet and chat.

Basics and Background
Name and location?
My name is Martha Lewicka and I am a native of Gdansk, Poland, currently residing in Oslo, Norway.
How long have you been practicing photography?
I am not quite sure when I started, but the first picture I was really working on was taken in 1997. Though I cannot say that i had been taking pictures for eleven years now, cause not always had I cameras or films to work with. And from that period I still have all my sketches with ideas for pictures, that I sometimes go back to for inspiration.
Do you have any formal training in the arts?
I learned everything myself, f
:iconopioid:opioid 59 14
Are You MAD?
At school we have this program called 'Are You MAD?', standing for 'are you making a difference?'
The idea is that each homeroom group/tutor group thing has a project to help people in the community.
Things the groups do varies from:
:bulletgreen: taking breakfast to one of the disadvantaged schools once a fortnight [they have a breakfast program but only 3 mornings a week, so we fill in a morning as well]
:bulletgreen: visiting a refugee family once a week, playing games and helping with their studies
:bulletgreen: Collecting socks and jackets for the homeless
:bulletgreen: collecting old mobile phones so the parts can be recycled
:bulletgreen: mentoring programs to help kids with their homework
and other random fund raising activities through the year.
I want each and every one of you to Make A Difference in someone's life. It doesn't matter how big or small it is, it can be organising fundraising in your school/work community, going down to the local nursing home and talking to the
:iconechoes-of-the-dead:Echoes-of-the-Dead 8 9
Fan Fiction and Literature
Merry Day, Gentlefolk.  Today we're going to discuss something that's near and dear to my heart, but nearer and dearer to aunjuli: Fan Fiction.
On dA, Fan Fiction has its own special gallery under the umbrella of Fan Art.  It is not included in the Literature Galleries and the Lit GDs have no power over the category.  Inexplicably, this makes some people rather angry.  "My work is not merely fan art!" they cry in webspeak tones.  "I am original, too!"
Well, I am here to state something for the sake of our collective sanity: Fan Fiction is not a dirty term.  We don't run around the galleries gleefully moving your deviations to Fan Fiction because we think you suck.  It's not some 'club' that you're not in or a personal statement on your artistic prowess.  We're not accusing you of copying or being lazy or any other value judgment people try to ass
:icongeneratinghype:GeneratingHype 70 27
Learn your Abstract and Surreal photography ABCs
As a part of the ongoing super project, Project Educate 2008 (projecteducate), I present to you:
:star:Official Abstract and Surreal Photography ABCs:star:
The following A-Z breakdown outlines some of the basics of all things abstract and surreal in the photographic medium!
A is for Abstract
In visual art, abstract means that an artwork does not represent something seen in the actual world, but rather uses formal qualities (like color, composition, line, movement, pattern, etc) to convey aesthetic interest.
Even in photography, abstract artwork should not depict discernible objects, and if the image subject is something everyday, the goal of the abstract photographer is to distort that subject into something non-representational using any techniques that a camera allows.
B is for Brassaï
Brassaï was the pseudonym for Hungarian multimedia artist Gyula Halász, who created photographs, sculptures, and films with surrea
:iconopioid:opioid 103 42
Continuing Revision: ^Lovetodeviate and Poetry
In this news article
Results of BeccaJS's Workshop on Prose Revision | :star:lovetodeviate's Workshop: GROOM YOUR POEM! :star:| What's so special about this cycle of workshops? | First time you've heard of Writers-Workshop? This section is for you.
Results of BeccaJS workshop: The Great Revision Expedition: Prose
A word from Writers-Workshop: Thank you for participating! There will be no special mention this time round as we did not see much in the way of critique. We hope that this is an exception, and that you'll find time to peruse each other's work in a more dedicated fashion next time. We have faith. :)
BeccaJS's Comments
When you only have 5 entries, I think it is difficult to make a top pick. I think due to the fact there was only 5, I'd top pick them all. Each submission had a variety of qualities and weaknesses, and I enjoyed reading them all.
Revision is one of the key elements to effective writi
:iconwriters-workshop:Writers-Workshop 16 1
The Artisan Crafts Gallery, edition 27
Here are a selection of some wonderful and unique deviations submitted to the Artisan Crafts Gallery over the past week. The whole gallery is filled with absolute gems and these are but a small selection!
Want to get yourself featured here? That's easy! Just keep submitting great crafts!
Or send me a suggestion by note, please add 'Article Suggestion' in the topic and remember has to be a new deviation, from the current week.
Browse the Artisan Crafts gallery -->
Culinary Arts
• Browse Culinary Arts
• Spotlight On: Culinary Arts!

Sculpture and Glass
• Browse Sculpture and Glass
• Spotlight
:iconmyana:Myana 38 16
Neosynthesis Chronicle 31: Tomorrow
The Neosynthesis Art Group has released their 31st Chronicle, a collection of beautiful pieces inspired by the theme "Tomorrow." Both futuristic, conceptual and even steampunk pieces are included in this wonderful art collection!
Each piece is different and reflects the perspective and talent of the art group members-- many of which you may have already seen here on deviantART! Check out this sneak peek of images on deviantART, and then check out the full collection for your enjoyment!

View the full chronicle here:
Previous Chronicles:
Chronicle 30: Blue:
Chronicle 29: Growth:
Chronicle 28: Oddities:
:iconaunjuli:aunjuli 34 6
It's a Revision Revolution!
Our Critical Friends have been working hard for one another, almost to the neglect of their own writing, and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank them for their efforts.  We promise it won't be in vein!  It's also important to note that this process slows or quickens based on how many questions there are left to ask and how well the writer wants to answer them.  
And it's the writer's role we'd like to begin with today.
:star: Is this a Revolution?
When receiving critique, especially on the internet, the rules change from site to site.  However, the unfortunate and common consensus seems to be thus: the critic critiques the piece, the writer thanks the critic, and revision is assumed to occur at a later date.  It's rare to see a conversation with the critic and the writer beyond the traditional "Thank you" unless it's the writer making points and the critic accusing the writer of getting defensive and being ungrateful.
:icongeneratinghype:GeneratingHype 48 15
Your Day In Photographs Contest
Typical question: "What did you do today?" Typical reply: "I don't know; nothing really." Usually its a matter of just not wanting to say or the day flew by and was forgotten. Well this is where your camera comes in to play.
May 18 is "Photograph Your Day" day.
Go out and take some photographs of moments during your day. Then put them together in a collage!
Rules! :camera:
1. Your collage must contain a minimum of 10 images.
2. Each image must be described in the Artist's Comments area.
3. Submit entries to Contests & Projects :pointr: contests :pointr: 2008 :pointr: Your Day in Photographs
(If the category does not show up, clear your cache, or try refreshing a few times)
Start: May 18
End: May 19 11:59pm PST
First - Six Month Subscription
Second - Three Month Subscription
Third - One Month Subscription
PurpelBlur & straightfromcamera
:iconpurpelblur:PurpelBlur 73 76
The MN@ Newsletter
The MN@ Newsletter is posted in an effort to educate and update the community on the Chat Network and the Forums.  
In this edition we'll be talking about the recent changes in policy regarding "cybering", the chat network interface upgrade, an update on the chat and forum FAQs, and information regarding our official #help chat room.
Update on the MN@ Team
There has been a few changes to the MN@ Team recently.  We'd like to take this opportunity to thank rapidograph, electricjonny, and Stykera for their contribution to the development of the network and wish them the best.
I'd also be failing miserably if I did not mention fourteenthstar, who for the past 3 years has put her heart and soul into the Chat Network.  There really aren't any words to thank her, so I'll use a series of emotes:  :love: :heart: :thanks: :hump: :eyes: :hug:
We're also happy to welcome back parliamentFunk to the team!
Currently, the team c
:icontachy-on:Tachy-on 76 45


I know that this was the one featured DD that Pip was most proud of. Today, on Memorial Day, let us remember:…


Hobbling on Hope
You may call me Bill or Pip. I'm a twenty-something editor, a self-professed punctuation junkie with a penchant for words, and a Catholic. I am also a very private, shy homosexual living my day-to-day between New York City and Oxford.

I like talking about sex, politics, books, relationships, religion, grammar, philosophy, literature, music, baseball and football. I have an old obsession with black and white movies and anything noir, and a true appreciation for Jimmy Stewart, Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Fred Astaire, and Cary Grant.

We'll probably get on well if you know who Robbe-Grillet is, enjoy Borges or Nabokov, can admit to liking Oscar Wilde, hate James Joyce and John Steinbeck, like Keats, appreciate Donne, and believe that Baldwin and Capote are among the greatest American writers in literary history.

Or, if reading isn't your thing, hit me up with a "Hello!" I welcome random IMs and notes.



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